What is this?

I wrote these pages first of all to document the installation of some systems because of my work, and I publish them publicly in the hope that it will help someone who has the same needs.

I didn't invent anything new, but I checked everything written here multiple times and I know it works properly in production.


The basic criteria for all installations were:

  • Code available under a GPL license.
  • Active development.
  • Good documentation.
  • Stability.
  • Economics.
  • Functionality, especially given the diversity of the devices we use today.


Digital equipment of educational institutions and companies of limited economic and technical services. Systems are also eligible for anyone who thinks about their privacy and does not want to use the services of other companies to communicate and store documents.

How do I read these pages?

For the reason I use Linux, in my case exclusively Debian, (I will explain my choice a little later) all commands will be written in a way:

$ sudo df-h

I write command comments like this:

# comment